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The Art of Discovering Your Printing Company’s Genuine Brand

Posted by on January 24, 2014 under Featured and Sales & Marketing

You want phenomenal results with direct mail, email marketing and frankly all of your printed pieces in general. And having a great product is no longer enough. With the introduction of online printing options and new technology, the competition out there is fierce. A don’t get us wrong—a great product is the place to start. But your printing company needs more to succeed.

Enter your secret weapon—a solid brand will take you there. So, how do you go about finding a unique and interesting brand that will launch your printing company to success?

Your brand is made up of three different components: purpose, voice and design elements. Don’t think you could possibly develop an entire brand? Think again. We’ve got the steps to help you create a clear and succinct brand that reflects your printing company’s true colors.


What is it that your printing company does? Now, before you answer with the generic, “we make printed pieces,” I challenge you to stop for a moment to truly think. Leave out the fancy words that make your business sound established. Cut the jargon. Now—tell me what your printing company really does. What does it do better than any other printing company out there? What sets you apart from the pack? Tell people why your printing company is different. Use that for your branding.

Plus, your printing company has an advantage. You already print things for a living. You see tons of different brands every day. We’re not suggesting you copy (that’s a BIG no-no). But, we are suggesting you learn from the resources you see. What appeals to you? What works?


Now that you have a purpose that appeals to a large audience, you should convey it through your business’s voice.

Ask yourself—how do you want others to see your company? You’re not just another printing company. Are you witty? Passionate? Maybe thought-provoking? Or, even a combination of all three and more. Make a list of all the things you hope for your voice to be. Then, rank them in order of importance. Use this as your company’s voice chart, complete with descriptions of what those words mean. Make sure that whenever the voice of your printing company is prevalent, it meets all the criteria proposed by your voice chart.

Then go back and reassess the language used on your website, social media posts and anywhere your print shop has a presence. Remember that your voice won’t always be in written form. Anybody who represents your company should be versed in the voice chart and know how your company’s voice should be portrayed in public.


Branding is about much more than just a logo or design. But that doesn’t mean those aspects can be ignored. Don’t think you have the capability to design a logo? Think again.

Back in 1971, Carolyn Davidson was simply a college student who accepted $2 an hour to come up with a logo for Nike. She put in the hard work and after about 17 hours, she had completed her idea. At the time, she received a mere $35 dollars for what would become one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

You don’t need a lot of money, and you don’t need a lot of experience. You too can come up with a logo and design that suits your nonprofit. Stick to a consistent color theme that reflects what your printing company wants to be.

Finding your printing company’s brand is as easy as a developing what you want it to be, and then taking the necessary steps to apply those ideas.


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