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Get Them to Come to Your Princess Party—Driving Traffic to Your Website

Posted by on January 26, 2012 under Featured and Sales & Marketing and Software & Technology

You’ve stayed up for hours—literally, hours—scouring over every last apostrophe and comma typed out onto your printing company’s new website. After looking over each page to the point where your eyeballs feel as if they’re going to roll out of your head, you click publish. And what happens? Nobody comes. The same sensation we get as kids when guests aren’t showing up to your wonderfully-fantastic princess or dinosaur themed birthday party, that sinking sensation that makes us feel unpopular, begins to formulate.

Well cheer up. Because you’re not unpopular—we like you. So much in fact that we’re going to help you out. If you’ve taken that great first step in creating a killer website but no one is visiting, we’ve got the answers. So check them out:

Luring Them to YOUR party—Not the Other Kid’s.

Every kid knows that in order to lure guests to the party, you’ve got to have the goods. That’s right, we mean the cake and ice cream. So what’s served as cake bait for a website? Good content. And as they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Seek every path possible for your future users to navigate to your website. This means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, company blogs—basically any type of sparkly pink or Jurassic Park invitation you can use to entice potential website visitors. Then, begin interlinking them: put your blog posts on your Facebook and Twitter and your Twitter and Facebook links to your website. Whatever method of social media you choose, be sure to include directions specifying exactly what you’d like them to do. “Visit our website at” And then include a why. “To start printing green.” The what and the why are both necessary components to any good call to action. (What you’d like them to do: “Come celebrate Sally’s 5th Birthday Party”. And the why: “Cinderella and Princess Jasmine will be coming at 5pm. Cake and presents to follow!”).

You Got Them to the Party. Now What?

Once you’ve acquired a following on your website, you owe it to them to exceed—yes, exceed—their expectations. (As kids this meant having a real princess at your party to play with, or a sandbox filled with dino bones waiting to be discovered.) Because they’ve chosen to click through your website out of the millions of others that exist and they’ve given you their time and attention, you should focus on making their experiences with your website top notch. Build a strong and lasting relationship with them, and they’ll advertise your website for you.

What does it mean to give them a great user experience? First and foremost, we believe, comes content. Great content means great rankings in terms of SEO, and great rankings means a better turn out for the big party (or in this case, your website). People will find your website by including rich content that they care about and will search for—so keyword research in your SEO strategy is very important.

Not only do you need to have fantastic above the fold content, but you need to keep updating it. Nothing drives a user away faster than something they’ve already read—and nothing is more frustrating. Consider offering incentives for the website visitors that keep coming back—a price cut, a special promotional discount, a gift card—whatever you choose, make it worth their while (and their wallet) to keep coming back.

The most important lesson to take away here is if and when someone comes to your site, you’d better deliver top notch everything—content, pictures, descriptions of your printing company’s services, and everything else that goes along with a great website. You know what websites we mean when we say great, we both know. So don’t settle—your website could be great. Now go on, get to the greatness. We believe in you.

How do you drive traffic to your website?


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