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The Evolution to Around-the-Clock Customer Service

Posted in Customer Service, Social Media on September 02, 2015

Attention all businesses: customer service is no longer a 9-to-5 job. Today’s business world is alive 24/7, 365. There’s just...


Making Your Marketing More Than ‘Just Another Brick in the Wall’

Posted in Sales & Marketing on August 26, 2015

“We like what they’re doing. Let’s do that.” If you hear this in your marketing department, get in there and...


The Power of “Yes” and “No”

Posted in Human Resources on August 19, 2015

Arguably one of the first words we learn as children is “no,” and shortly thereafter, the power of this word....


How to Create the Best Facebook Cover Photo

Posted in Social Media on June 24, 2015

Compelling images are a great way to tell your company’s story, and along with your website, social media gives you...


Smart Marketers Connect With Their Audience Before They Sell

Posted in Sales & Marketing, The Web and Print on June 05, 2015

For many marketers, their ultimate goal is to persuade consumers to buy their products and services—and this makes sense. More...


LinkedIn Company Pages Can Boost Your Brand and Expand Your Reach

Posted in Social Media on June 01, 2015

Statistics show that 64% of LinkedIn users who follow your company pages will follow it forever. Those are some pretty...


How to Prepare for Customers in the Mobile Age

Posted in Customer Service, Sales & Marketing on May 29, 2015

In the mobile age, the average consumer wields a lot of power. With social media and advances in mobile technology,...


As Marketing Evolves, Are You Changing With It?

Posted in Software & Technology, Uncategorized on May 26, 2015

Everything from advances in technology to a shifting consumer mindset has caused marketing to evolve over the past several years....


Effective Marketing is About More Than Your Bottom Line

Posted in Sales & Marketing on May 22, 2015

American Red Cross CMO Peggy Dyer says that marketers today—including those at B2B and B2C companies—need to have three qualities...


Are Your Content Marketing Efforts Paying Off? Here’s How to Tell

Posted in Sales & Marketing on May 22, 2015

Content marketing has been all the rage the past few years and much has been written about developing the perfect...

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