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5 Best Practices for Your Printing Company’s Landing Pages

Posted by on March 22, 2012 under Featured and QR Codes and Sales & Marketing

A landing page is a single web page that shares further information after a prospect clicks on an embedded advertisement on a different web page. Your printing company can use landing pages to find new leads for your sales team.

Landing pages prompt prospects to get moving on your printing company’s call to action. With the right landing pages, site visitors go from hapless browsing to interested leads. But to create leads, they have to be the right landing pages. We compiled a list of best practices for landing pages so that your printing company can take advantage of their ROI-boosting, sales-driving and lead-converting potential.

Do You Know What You’re Doing?

As with all online marketing, every printer must begin with the end in mind. Know the goal before designing your printing company’s landing pages, and stick with one goal per page. Landing pages can’t attract visitors, create leads and close sales all at once. That’s too much. Reference landing pages may summarize your printing company’s direct mail services. Transaction landing pages can collect a prospect’s email address or prompt them to follow you on Twitter. Don’t try to do it all with one unfocused landing page—you’ll fail. We promise.

Background Check

If you’ve created a landing page without extensive research on your ideal prospect, you’ve gone too far. To get qualified leads to your landing pages you’ve got to direct the right traffic to the right page. Profile the person or business your printing company is fishing for, then consider how to drive them to your landing page. You can use direct mail, QR codes, pay-per-click online advertising, print ads or even organic search to reach the right lead.

Every ad should use a specific landing page rather than driving people to your homepage all the time. Prospects went to the trouble of scanning your QR code or reading your direct mail piece. Reward them for their efforts with a personalized ad.

There are people on the web looking for your printing company’s services. Find them, then build a landing page tailored to their profile.

Stay on Track

The Internet is distracting enough as it is. And your printing company’s potential leads have increasingly short attention spans. We’re in a market of scanners and skimmers, not searchers and readers. Take this challenge head-on by funneling traffic to your landing page and prompting swift action.

Remember to keep prospects focused. Copy should be clean and simple. Irrelevant pictures have no place on your landing page, no matter how clever. Stop distracting your already over-stimulated prospects with content that’s off topic. Video is an especially engaging medium for seizing attention on your landing page.

Pinky Swear

People who hate advertising are on to misleading marketers. Earn back their trust with landing pages that honor promises. If your ad offers 15% off when browsers sign up for your printing company’s emails, you better provide that discount code as soon as they hand over their address. Besides staying true to your word, promise to respect visitors’ time. If your landing page takes forever to load they’ll be off in a flash. And expect your bounce rates to reflect a slow-as-molasses landing page. Shame, shame.

Study Hall

Best practices for landing pages don’t stop at research or design. A crucial part of executing your printing company’s landing pages is tracking progress. Collect data to test how well (or how badly) your landing pages perform. If you’re aware of the successes and pitfalls, you’ll know how to adjust your landing pages to maximize conversion rates. Classic landing page mistakes can kill response rates—so keep an eye on performance.

Does your printing company use landing pages to gain prospects? How do you make them work for you?







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